Rovex – LURE PRO


Rovex – LURE PRO

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Rovex Lure Pro Spinning Rods have powerful carbon blanks that cast big lures with ease while maintaining the sensitivity to give great sport when playing big fish. Anglers can use either a fixed spool or multiplier reel with this range of rods.

The Rovex Lure Pro Spinning Rods strength and quick action are ideal for the Bass anglers who prefer boats. Anglers boat more Bass with the Rovex Lure Pro. Rovex Lure Pros are another in the line of Rovex rods that have strong backs and quick action. Anglers who want to go for Pike or Zander will also find this an excellent rod.

Anglers will enjoy being able to swap out the fixed spool or multiplier reels on the low profile reel seats. The 9? lets the angler drop the lure where it needs to be without alerting the prey.

Rovex Lure Pro?s come in two lengths, 8? and 9?. Both models share the same lightweight ceramic guides to keep the line smooth on casts and retrievals. Long casts are made even more enjoyable by the full length super slim EVA grips. Both rods break down to two pieces.

Rovex Lure Pro Spinning Rods easily cast big lures while maintaining the sensitivity for sport fishing bigger fish.

The light-weight ceramic guides, versatile reel seats to accommodate both fixed and multiplier reels, and full length EVA grips make casting big lures for long distance easy.


8', 9'



Class / Weight

20-40g, 25-50g


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